Scope of Work - In a typical 5 Star Hotel

Cleaning and maintaining of all surfaces like ceiling, walls, hoods, filters, rangers, grillers, coolers, tandoors, freezers, ovens, grinders, juice machines, work tables, chopping boards, glassware, hollowware, cutlery, crockery, clearing of garbage, floor scrubbing etc. We adhere to industry-established processes.
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Hoods & Filters Removing filters, cleaning with green pad & cleaning detergent Alternate days as per schedule
Rangers/ Working Tables /
Chopping Boards /
Garbage Bins / Trolleys /
Pot washing
Using green pad, cleaning detergent & SS scrubber Daily as per schedule
Dish washing / Glass / Cutlery / Crockery Using sponge & cleaning detergent Daily as per schedule
Crockery Vimming Weekly as per schedule
Holloware (SS) Using nylon scrubbers, bottle brush & cleaning detergent Daily / Weekly as per schedule
Walls Using scrubbers & detergents Daily as per schedule
Floors Water wash & wet mop Daily