Scope of Work - In a typical 5 Star Hotel, Office Building.

Cleaning and maintaining of all surfaces such as ceiling, walls, fittings, fixtures, furniture, partitions, glass & mirror, clearing of garbage, vacuuming, scrubbing, polishing of marble, shampooing of carpets, upholstery at scheduled intervals, wash rooms, parking area etc. We adhere to industry-established processes.
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Ceiling cleaning Using cobweb stick /jumbo duster Daily / Weekly as per schedule
Walls Using fresh dusters, sponge for removing dust / wall marks Daily / Weekly as per schedule
Glass & Mirror Using micro fibre cloth, cleaning tools Daily as per schedule
Fixtures & Furniture,
Using fresh duster, mist spray, neutral detergent Daily
Dry / Damp mop Using dry & damp mops to remove dust without displacing furniture Daily as per schedule
Cloak room /Wash rooms Using two different sanitizers Daily as per schedule